Maximize Your Visibility at the Electronic Charity Open
Give Attendees Something to Remember
Join us as a Gold Sponsor
Show How Your Organization Gives Back to the Community

Sponsorship Opportunities

If you haven’t registered to sponsor yet, here are some of the reasons why you should attend the 15th Annual Electronic Charity Open:

  • Ensure your visibility at Vancouver’s only electronics industry event
  • Give back to those in need – proceeds go to the MS Society of Canada
  • Develop relationships with directors, CEOs and senior executives in the electronics industry
  • Sponsoring a unique experience ensures more impact among our attendees

Make your mark among the electronics distributors, representatives, suppliers, contract manufacturers and customers attending our event. Our affordable Sponsorship Opportunities are designed to let you easily contribute towards a good cause while having a lot of fun at the event. Pick one or a few options from the list below.

Join us as an ECO 2020 Sponsor

Gold Sponsorship

Maximize Your Visibility as a Gold Sponsor for ECO 2020!

10 Available Sponsorships ($500 each)

See your company logo on each pin flag of the course with your fellow gold sponsors, on promotions leading up to the event, and recognized at the podium on the day of the event.

Confirmed Gold Sponsors:

Activity/Feature Sponsorships

Give attendees something to remember with these memorable sponsorships.

Tailgate Sponsor - $500

Golf Cart Sponsor – Reserved ($600)

Marshmallow Drive - $300

‘Chip in the Boat’ Sponsor - $300

Beat the Pro – Reserved ($500)

Random Club Challenge - $300

Golf Pong - $300

Event Photography Sponsor – $500

Dinner TapSnap Photo Booth Sponsor – $1,000

Instagram Card - $500

Start the event with the best opening experience as our Tailgate Sponsor. Guests will enjoy a Hawaiian-themed Tailgate before everyone starts to play!

Have your company logo on every cart for all to see during the tournament.

Reserved by Dorigo

This prize hole will have everyone tee-off with a marshmallow. The longest “drive” will win!

At this prize hole, everyone will have the chance to test their chipping skills and see if you they can get it in the boat in the middle of the pond.

Each golfer pays $10 to beat the pro, and will be entered to win the “Go-Pro” prize.

Reserved by Creation Technologies

On the tee box, players draw the name of the club they must tee off with and then play out the entire hole with only that club. The team with the highest score wins a group prize.

Just like beer pong, only better. Shoot whiffle balls into a closed area where barrels will be marked with points. The team with the highest points will win, if there is a tie then a draw will occur.

Your logo will appear on the group photo prints and on signage proudly displayed during the event.

Sponsor our dinner photo booth and your logo will appear on the photo booth prints. Attendees will remember you through the fun photos taken and e-mailed to them during the dinner.

Your logo will appear on the Instagram photo card for the event. This is a great way to generate additional buzz about your brand online.



Prize Hole Sponsorships

The sponsor’s logo will appear on signage at the respective hole for added visibility.

Men’s Longest Drive – Reserved ($400)

Men's KP - $400

Ladies' Longest Drive - $400

Ladies KP - $400

Longest Putt - $400

Mega Putt - $500

A prize is awarded for the men’s longest drive off the tee to the fairway.

Sponsored by Avnet Electronics Marketing

The male participant that lands closest to the pin on a par 3 wins.

A prize is awarded for the ladies’ longest drive off the tee to the fairway.

The female participant that lands closest to the pin on a par 3 wins.

A prize is awarded for the player who successfully hits the longest putt.

The most fun title of them all – all participants will putt at once at the start of the tournament with numbered balls. That’s over 100 balls hit at the same time! The ball closest to the hole is the winner.

No-Prize Hole Sponsorships

10 Available Sponsorships at $150 each. See your company logo placed at the tee-off box.

In-Kind Prize Sponsorships

Have your company take the spotlight as a Prize Draw Sponsor during our awards dinner.

Donations to the MS Society

Donate any amount and we will include it our Annual Donation to the MS Society of Canada.